Gigabit Montgomery

Achieve Gigabit Internet capabilities to allow for 100x faster Internet speeds

Montgomery County must work with the Internet service providers in our County to achieve Gigabit Internet speeds (100x faster than average speed) for the benefit of its residents and the competitiveness of its businesses. Many other cities across the country, like Kansas City, Chattanooga and Burlington, have already implemented Gigabit Internet speeds, and I know that we can do it here in Montgomery County. Having Gigabit Internet speeds available will make Montgomery County a regional leader in technology and will enhance our development on many fronts. It will enhance development economically, educationally, environmentally, and will improve healthcare, energy, public safety, government and civic engagement performance.

During my previous tenure in office, through leadership, determination, and working together, Montgomery County always looked to the future and become leaders of tomorrow – whether it was creating the business incubator system or utilizing online services to streamline government. And I want to continue that effort by bringing 100x faster Internet speeds.

Across the region, state, country and world, there is a technological arms race to attract first-rate jobs. As Bill Gates said, “Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.”  We must ensure we are providing the infrastructure necessary to allow for that innovation and remain competitive.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created The National Broadband plan, which calls to improve Internet access across the United States. They state, “we need a critical mass of communities with next generation speeds to be that place where the world learns what happens when lack of bandwidth is not a barrier to innovation.”

We must ensure we are providing the infrastructure necessary to allow for that innovation. We have the opportunity to lead by embracing this initiative, and with the right leadership we will. As The Broadband Plan said, “It’s now time to act and invest in our nation’s future by bringing the power and promise of broadband to us all.”

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