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“Standing up to support Doug, was a very easy decision…But the real reason behind my endorsement is actually the substantive aspect of it. Which is Doug has the expertise that we need, particularly at this moment in time. And Doug’s leadership is not something we should be questioning ourselves around, we’ve seen it firsthand. Rarely do you have the opportunity to put someone in the job who you know for a fact can do it to a high standard. And I think more than ever, the skills that Doug has is precisely and exactly what our county needs.” – Congressman John Delaney, Maryland 6th District

We want to hear from you, the voter, about why you are supporting Doug in his race for Montgomery County Executive! Please share your thoughts.

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What they are saying:

“I know that the traits Doug brings to the table are exactly what Montgomery County needs at this point in time in order to get us back on track. His resolute commitment to public safety, both in the past and going forward, his vision for tomorrow’s Montgomery County, and his leadership style are what distinguish him as the clear choice in this race and made it an easy decision for us.” – Jeffrey Buddle, President IAFF Local 1664

“Having been a career police officer for 20 years now, and having worked with different administrations and politicians, I know that the traits Doug brings to the table are exactly what Montgomery County needs at this point in time in order to get us back on track.  When looking at all of the positive traits of the county executive candidates, Doug displays the traits of a leader we can trust and who will stand by his word.” - Torrie Cooke, President, Montgomery County Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 35

The Brickyard Coalition believes Doug Duncan is our best candidate for Montgomery County Executive. He is an enthusiastic leader with a proven track record of getting things done.  He has a bold vision for our future as shown by his political leadership on 10 Mile Creek and the Brickyard school site.  He is exactly what Montgomery County needs right now.” Curt Uhre, President of The Brickyard Coalition

Doug is a true leader: he has vision, he tells the truth, he listens. He is mission oriented, meaning that he serves to accomplish goals rather than promoting himself.” – M. Lieber, Rockville

“In 36 years of active duty service, I’ve worked for many individuals; Doug was the finest of all of them. In politics we have grown to question the motives of elected officials. Doug’s integrity and concern about each and every citizen in Montgomery County continued to be his beacon for each decision he made during the five years I served with him.” – Major General Al Genetti

“Doug Duncan was a good Mayor of Rockville, Md. When he got elected to County Executive he was an excellent administrator. He kept the county in line and made sure things always ran smoothly.” – G. Mountney, Rockville

“Mr. Duncan is a great person and someone who can make a positive difference for the citizens of Montgomery County.” – T. Luginbill, Rockville

“We are supporting Doug Duncan because he is the kind of person who will devote every hour and minute to improve the lives of all Montgomery County residents. One story was: Years ago, frustrated by a fairly small issue involving one of the County departments, my wife and I, residents of Montgomery County for nearly 50 years, decided to call the County Executive’s office.  We didn’t expect to receive a call back much less a resolution of our complaint.  However, we got both and we even got a chance to thank Mr. Duncan face to face. Instead of just enjoying our gratitude and thanks, he inquired about the details of our complaint and how it was handled. That is the kind of County Executive we want – John and Mary Finch, Chevy Chase