Doug Duncan at Campaign Volunteer Gathering on 6.26.13 at Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference CenterDoug Duncan has dedicated his life to public service and established himself as one of the top progressive thinkers and leaders in Montgomery County. While Doug has an accomplished track record of getting things done, he has the same humble beginnings as many others who have pursued the American Dream.

A Montgomery County native, Doug and his 12 siblings grew up in the Twinbrook neighborhood of Rockville, home to working class families. Doug’s dad came to this country from France as a teenager, serving in World War II and at the NSA, and later teaching in the Montgomery County Public Schools ESOL program. His mom, Ellie, along with raising 13 children, worked at the Montgomery County Circuit Court and was a local Democratic activist.

Doug graduated from Columbia University in three years to help his family save money so that his younger siblings could also afford to go college. Doug’s mother taught him that public service was the second highest calling (to the church), and at age 26 he was elected to the Rockville City Council. After serving three terms, he ran for Mayor of Rockville where he would serve three terms. In 1994, Duncan wanted to do more and ran for Montgomery County Executive in order to help lead the county he grew up in. He was elected to an unprecedented three terms as Montgomery County Executive.

Duncan has always stressed that providing a world-class education for everyone, particularly those communities that need the most help, is paramount and pays dividends for years to come. By investing heavily in early childhood education, reducing class size and hiring the best teachers, he knows that such a goal can be reached because as Montgomery County Executive he helped achieve it for thousands of students.

Doug knows that creating an economic environment to attract the best, high earning jobs for families throughout the county is essential. Duncan helped make Montgomery County the economic engine for Maryland and added more than 85,000 jobs during his time in office through revitalizing downtown Silver Spring, building the Music Center at Strathmore, and creating the County’s business incubator program to name a few. And this economic growth occurred even while weathering two recessions during his tenure.

Montgomery County has changed quite a bit over Doug’s lifetime. However, Doug knows that all residents still care about the same things: an excellent education for their children, a rewarding job that pays a good wage, and a community in which we can all spend more time enjoying each others’ company than in traffic.

Doug lives in Rockville with his wife of 33 years, Barbara, where they raised their 5 children: Michael, Andrew, John, Thomas and Conor.


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