While we did not accomplish everything that we had hoped, it wasn’t for lack of effort or good ideas.  We still have a bright future for our County, together. Now it’s about working together as one party to make our County the best in the country.

Most importantly, I want to thank all of my supporters and volunteers. So many of you did so much to help bring our message to the voters of Montgomery County. I could not be more grateful to all of you, for everything.

While there are still many more issues facing us in the days ahead, it is imperative we work together toward the common goal of making Montgomery County a better place to live.

Doug Duncan signature

Doug Duncan’s record of achievement:

“Former county executive Douglas Duncan’s time in office, 1994 through 2006, was a remarkable era, with a host of accomplishments including the Silver Spring revitalization, the construction of Strathmore and the expansion of the life sciences along Interstate 270. He has built his campaign around rekindling the kind of bold action that marked those years….we admire what Duncan accomplished during his 12 years in office; it was a fantastic example of what government with vision can achieve.” – The Gazette, 5/28/14

“Mr. Duncan, who led the county from 1994 to 2006, was an effective executive…He had important and enduring successes, including the impressive redevelopment of Silver Spring — once dilapidated and dangerous, now dynamic — and the building of the music center at Strathmore…No one questions Mr. Duncan’s abilities, and there is much to admire about his spirit and strength of character.” – Washington Post 5/2/14

“He did earn unrivaled respect as a doer and decision maker in a county that by his oft-repeated diagnosis is afflicted with ‘paralysis by analysis.’…Even as Montgomery County was being reshaped by immigration, shifting demographics, swift development and rising prosperity, Mr. Duncan was instrumental in maintaining and improving the assets that have made it one of the nation’s choicest (and most expensive) places to live: vibrant neighborhoods, excellent social services, efficient government and first-class amenities. Look around at what has made Montgomery dynamic — terrific schools, the revival of downtown Silver Spring, the glittery new Strathmore arts center — and you will see Mr. Duncan’s fingerprints. It is an enviable record.” – Washington Post, 11/28/2006

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